About Chris Crowder

My name is Chris Crowder. I became interested in the Village of Avalon back in the early 1990's. In 2000, my wife and I researched and explored the area. And shortly thereafter this site was born. In 2011, as the 100th anniversary of the mill fire neared, the Village of Avalon began haunting me once more. After a ton of additional research, I rewrote the entire text which now includes information from over fifty different sources. In January 2015, I went over this site again and fixed a few flubs and boo-boos my eyes failed to catch before. I reworded parts of the story and added one photo. Also, I altered the site design to improve usability and rendering on mobile devices.

I grew up in Reidsville, North Carolina. In 1993 I moved to Mayodan and in 2010 I moved to Madison. Since 2014 I have been living near Portland, Oregon.

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