About the 1910 Census Records.

The census records hosted here for the village of Avalon were derived from the 1910 census. Digital images of the original pages were used for this transcription. Great efforts have gone into providing this; however, there are known issues with the data and I'm sure, unknown issues as well.

It was due to a fortunate mistake that I was able to ascertain where the village started. The census taker incorrectly started the village on a new page as an incorporated town; however, by the end he had realized his mistake and instead of ending the village on a page he continued on to the next rural area. Therefore, exactly where the village ended cannot be determined.

To determine the approximate ending I had to make an assumption. All of the houses in the village were company owned and situated on company owned land. The census indicates that every head of household in my list was renting their home and had one or more occupants shown as working in the cotton mill. I ended this list at the first home that was marked as owned instead of rented. The numbers add up, but it's possible the last few houses weren't in the confines of the village. The first owned home was dwelling Number Sixty-Four. An early street plan for the village depicts sixty-two lots and it was said that sixty-odd houses were removed from the village after the fire.

According to the census, there were four hundred and fifty-two people occupying those sixty-three houses. This number is considerably higher than other population estimates I've happened upon. The census records are provided as interpreted in hopes that it will benefit people doing genealogical research.